Zoning: How To Visually Enlarge A Room?

Each owner of a small apartment, a small house, dreams of expanding the space for comfort, but the concepts that were grafted in the era of the socialist state do not give free rein to fantasy. More often, beginnings end with the rearrangement of household items, placement along the walls. The method is not wrong – in the center, there is free space for rest, installation of equipment. But in one-room housing, you need not only an area for leisure, but also work, sports, and other things. In this situation, you will not be limited to dragging and dropping a heavy cabinet. So how to make your home bigger?

What is zoning, and how will it help?

This is the union of living rooms with the subsequent division into multifunctional parts. Partitions are not necessarily made of building materials. For example, the role of the wall can be played by a curtain, lamps installed on the floor and ceiling. On the other hand, partitions made of tall plants, hanging lianas with flowers, shelves, carved screens made of wood or metal look beautiful.

Finishing materials can be used – ceramic tiles, tiles, wallpaper, decorative putty. They are designed to fence off parts of the room and increase the area. The advantages of the method:

  • the division will help to fit a study, a bedroom and a section for hobbies, sports in the little room, while without prejudice to the quadrature;
  • the area will expand as much as possible, make it possible to re-plan the situation;
  • comfort and coziness for each family member;
  • Preservation of natural light. It is imperative if there is only one window and it is not enough everywhere. Bulky stone partitions will reduce natural light, and light curtains, walk-through racks will allow light to pass through.

This is a way out with a small budget. It will be possible to create a studio where residents will fit in and receive a personal corner with a small investment.

Popular ways

Differentiate by such methods:

  • Suspended ceiling. Multi-level, suspended structures, finishing with materials, colors will become the border for the zones;
  • Gender. They use tiles for the bedroom, ceramics for the kitchen, linoleum – in the living room. Raise, lower the level of a specific area. As an idea – floor drawings with a drop of ornament, colors on the borders;
  • Mounted¬†partitions¬†of plasterboard;
  • Arrangement of furniture. Not only bookcases and shelves are suitable, but also sofas, armchairs;
  • Lighting. Spotlights embedded in surfaces will create ray screens.

Fantasy will tell you what, where it is better to apply. There are no clear frames; the main thing is a harmonious combination of colors, shades, stylistics.

How to visually enlarge the space using functional zoning

The secret of convenience is a room correctly divided into multifunctional areas. Lightweight partitions divide housing into functional departments – work, rest, reception, cooking. The design approach adds space, tidies things up, removes clutter.

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